Introduction – PML-N


The Pakistan Muslim League (N) is a center-right, fiscal conservative political party in Pakistan, being the largest conservative political force and second largest political party, roughly representing 19.6% of votes in the Parliament (both in Senate and National Assembly), in the latest national parliamentary elections. The Pakistan Muslim League (N) is currently headed by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Its power center lies in the heartland of Punjab province. Though it is not considered to be the original Muslim League, the party is recognized as the continuing legal successor having the character of the All-India Muslim League, a founding party of the State of Pakistan (See Pakistan Movement and the declaration Now or Never). In addition, it is the only party in the history of Pakistan to receive a two-thirds majority in parliament outright through parliamentary elections, in 1997. The party is the largest conservative force, and according to the Republican Institute (IRI), it is the most popular political party in the country.
President: Nawaz Sharif
Chairman: Raja Zafar ul Haq
Secretary-General: Iqbal Zafar Jhagra
Spokesperson: Mushahid Ullah Khan
Founder: Fida Mohammad Khan
Slogan: Justice, Peace, Prosperity
Founded: November 16, 1988
Preceded by: Pakistan Muslim League
Headquarters: Central Secretariat, Islamabad Capital Venue
Student wing: PML-N Youth (Professionals)
Youth wing: PML-N Youth Wing
Ideology: Fiscal conservatism, Economic liberalism
Political position: Centre-right

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