Introduction – PML-Q

Flag_of_the_Pakistan_Muslim_League_(Q).svg (1)

The Pakistan Muslim League-Q is a centre-nationalist political party in Pakistan. Currently representing roughly 23.0% of votes in the Parliament in the latest parliamentary elections held in 2008. It is also currently the ally of Prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf led-government, and major ally of Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab and Balochistan provinces against its rival Pakistan Muslim League (N), a western conservative and centre-right force.
President:   ChShujaat Hussain
Secretary-General:  Mushahid Hussain Syed
Spokesperson:  Kamil Ali Agha Khan
Senior Vice-Presidents:  Khalid Ranjha, S.M. Zafar,Muhammad Anwar Bhinder
Mahdi Hasan Bhati, Vakas Akram, Faisal Saleh Hayat
Slogan:  Live, let live…. Giving hope to the hopeless’
Founded:  July 20, 2002
Split from : Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Headquarters:  Parliament lodges, Islamabad
Youth wing:  PML Youth Wing
PML Minorities Wing: Kalpana Devi
Ideology:  Centrism-Nationalism and Third Way
Political position: Centre, Third Way

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